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Searching for “how to start a charity” or “nonprofit management help”? We are the #1 provider of charity services! Everything from forming a 501c3, to establishing Bylaws, to IRS annual reporting, to state charitable solicitation filings, to nonprofit fundraising, to charity marketing. You focus on your cause, we help manage your charity back office!

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Kharity is your top choice for starting and running a charity hassle-free. From navigating nonprofit formation to handling IRS reporting and state filings, to obtaining Google Ad Grants, and so much more… we’ve got you covered at Kharity!

Nonprofits Managed

If you want to start a charity, have recently launched one, or are overwhelmed by the daunting nonprofit paperwork and legalities involved, contact Kharity today! As the leading provider of nonprofit management services, Kharity offers comprehensive assistance with launching charitable entities, nonprofit marketing, charity bookkeeping, charitable solicitation registration, filing IRS forms, and more!

With Kharity, you can focus on your nonprofit without getting bogged down by administrative pains. Our expertise and streamlined processes ensure a smooth and efficient journey toward realizing your charitable goals.

How to Start a Charity