Kharity Monthly Meetups

Kharity is a highly vetted private membership community for nonprofit, sustainability, and social responsibility leaders. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Connect with philanthropic peers across industries and expertise. Build your personal board of advisors.

Would you like to be paired with a group of 5-10 relevant nationwide members for a monthly accountability meeting? Apply to partake in our Kharity Monthly Meetups via the form below. Our curation team will place you in a chapter peer group with Kharity members who have similar job titles to make your experience highly relevant, but different enough so you can learn and be challenged by them.

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Chapter Presidents are the volunteer leaders of each chapter peer group and monthly meetups (e.g. email your 5-10 peer group members monthly calendar reminders).



Our private peer network of philanthropic industry leaders enables you to overcome challenges and learn from the wins and mistakes of others. There is a demand for learning, camaraderie, and accountability in our “remote” world. Kharity is an always-on support network providing connection and community for modern leaders and lifelong learners.

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Member Benefits

Digital Community

Members get access to a confidential, curated online community where they can meet new like-minded friends, have discussions, get crowdsourced advice, share strategies, gain valuable insights from cross-industry connections, and learn in-demand skills!

Monthly Meetups

Get paired with relevant peers and partake in monthly meetups (e.g. a group of 5-10 charity founders meet monthly via Zoom and follow our 2.5-hour accountability agenda; members rotate to a new group annually). Our members include Corporate Philanthropy Managers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Directors of Social Responsibility, ESG and CSR leaders, nonprofit CEOs, and many more!

Professional Development

Address business challenges, problem-solve, and develop from shared wisdom and past experiences of peers. Members take what they learn at Kharity back to their companies, making our membership an investment in your company’s success!


I am a huge believer in “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” I love meeting like-minded nonprofit leaders in this community! The cherry on top is the local philanthropic element Kharity suggests for our meetups which empowers members to volunteer together!



This private community enables me to chat with fellow nonprofit founders going through what I’m going through. We share resources and have a monthly accountability meetup. I truly enjoy my monthly peer meetup! Also the Grant Writing AI tool rocks!



The memes about making friends outside of work as an adult are real haha! This peer network provided me with instant access to a group of philanthropic friends! A big part of my recent successes I attribute to Kharity members keeping me in check on my goals!