What is Kharity?

Kharity.com is an always-on support network that provides connections and a community for modern leaders and lifelong learners. This exclusive membership community is designed for philanthropic leaders. Its core purpose centers around cultivating a peer network, with an emphasis on 5 to 10-person accountability meetup groups, plus ongoing knowledge-sharing among peers.

Will employers reimburse Kharity membership fees?

Yes! Nearly 100% of employers reimburse Kharity membership fees as professional development.

How are members paired with monthly meetup groups?

We will pair you with a group of 5-10 relevant nationwide members! Our curation team will place you in a peer group with similar job titles to make your experience highly relevant, but different enough so you can learn and be challenged by them.

Each peer group will have a leader (Chapter President) who runs the monthly meetups for each chapter via Zoom. As Kharity grows, we will pivot these monthly meetups to in-person in members’ local cities.

What are the requirements for Kharity membership?

Members must currently have a philanthropic leadership role. Our members include Corporate Philanthropy Managers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Directors of Social Responsibility, ESG leaders, CSR leaders, nonprofit CEOs, charity founders, and more!

How do I join Kharity?

Get access at https://whop.com/kharity

How does Kharity differ from Hampton, YPO, EO, Chief, and Vistage?

While Hampton, YPO, EO, Chief, and Vistage are peer networks for C-suite and founders, Kharity is exclusively for nonprofit, sustainability, and social responsibility leaders.